02D10: A Full Day


Thursday - Dinner

I'm in town for our quarterly leadership workshop and the discussions are pretty interesting and definitely thought-provoking. We've put a LOT of work into the business over the past year and despite so much getting done, there's also so much left to do. And after every meet-up, we seem to come up with more lists of things to tackle and things to address. All this work has to achieve something eventually. And these meetings at least help us take a step back because it's too easy to get lost in the day-to-day and miss the forest for the trees. 

I feel like I should be writing LinkedIn articles or creating TikTok videos about all of our work realizations or something. With all the business books that I've been reading on top of the items related to these workshops and our business coaching, my mind is racing with so many ideas and I don't know where to begin. Who would have ever thought I'd get this excited over work-related stuff, right? And I know I can't expect everyone else to get this excited about things, but I won't stop hoping that our efforts won't go unnoticed and maybe we'll get some of them excited about all this as well.

Work kept me busy all day and I haven't even bothered to go out. The occasional rains aren't helping on this front plus I'm really not one to go out and about all that often while I'm here.

The other draw is that I'm getting quality time with the nephews and that beats any tourist site around here. I actually woke up pretty early just to spend more time with them and they reacclimated to my physical (versus just on-cam virtual) presence quite quickly. Within minutes I was being directed to load particular videos on the TV and see whatever they had to show me. The same thing repeated by the time we got home and I was a full activity center and musical instrument. Uncle things.

We have one more day of workshop stuff to get through, and then I'll be able to relax a bit. The work won't go away but at least things will sort of go back to normal and that's rather manageable in the longer term.