02D0E: Last Activities Before Departure

Tuesday - Sayote Mix

I'm flying to Singapore tomorrow and I still haven't packed. My flight is after lunch, so I still have time. But here I am blogging first.

I probably could have packed right after work, but instead, I worked on assembling the new Folded Space inserts for Cascadia and Lost Ruins of Arnak that had just arrived because organizing board games gets me more excited than is probably healthy. I had to hold back from sleeving the cards as well because those Arnak cards deserve a bit more love now given how pretty the new organizer is.

Tobie and I also enjoyed a hearty Sariwon dinner, which may not have been the best idea before a flight. But good food is good food, and we've been making it a special week of sorts since I'll be gone for a while. We then went for our usual walk around BGC to help burn a bit of that dinner and because walking is fun.

A large part of our walking discussion was related to my looming fitness tracker woes. The screen on my Fitbit Sense is starting to fade and seems to have significant burn-in from my watch face despite me not even using the always-on display feature. It still works, so there's that. But getting a replacement is going to become a more urgent concern and I don't know what my next tracker is going to be.

As is often the case, I feel like it's too near the next release cycle for the different tech manufacturers and it might be smarter to hang on until then. At the very least, the announcement of new devices will mean a drop in prices for the older ones or something.

I will blog about this at length tomorrow as I won't have anything else to discuss given a full day of travel. And it's literally going to be that since I'm going to aim to be at the airport at least 4 hours before the flight just to be super sure.