02D0D: No More DTF Again

Monday - Din Tai Fung

With my trip looming this week, Tobie and I opted to step out for dinner and to pick up a few supplies I needed for my flight. We had already eaten out yesterday at Tang, which was a good indulgence. Today we ended up going to Din Tai Fung - the first time we've been back since I went full keto. I had been avoiding going back here because (1) most of the menu items obviously aren't keto and (2) the last time I had revisited a restaurant after keto I was...oddly disappointed.

Ramen turns out to just be noodles, which means it's just an empty carby flavor. So sad.

We ordered a number of items including the signature Xiao Long Bao and at least that was still good. But everything else felt just okay, which is not what you expect from this sort of a restaurant experience. Tobie remarked that maybe we've been spoiled by the more diverse flavors of Korean food and their love for generous portions of veggies even if just lettuce. Or maybe I've also had more diverse Chinese food and dim sum across my many trips to Singapore and now the DTF experience pales in comparison. 

Long story short - I guess we're not going back to Din Tai Fung any time soon, especially when looking for an indulgence worth breaking keto for. I think we had a more enjoyable experience at Paradise Dynasty at SM Aura since they had more flavorful menu items.

Living the keto life is filled with weird disappointments like this.

Beyond that, a bunch of new board games arrived today and our couch is filling up with games again. But if anything is going to move, we have to play more of these games to keep the cycle going. We should totally figure out how to transition our replayable escape room games to other people or something to help make space.

Or just move to a bigger place.