02D08: Workweek Turning Point

Wednesday - Quick Dinner

My desire for an O Bar night this week seems to be sort of coming together. While we've ended up with a totally new group to accompany us at O Bar, I think it'll be a fun night either way. I just hope everyone gets along and has fun together. It's always tricky when you have a mixed group where most don't know the other people at the table. But Tobie is used to playing "GRO" for new folks at the table and we'll just trust the magic of O Bar to handle the rest.

I have a two-day online seminar that will keep me busy for the rest of the workweek. It's a weird thing that such seminars are still a thing, but I suppose it's one of the lingering effects after the initial rush to take all training online during the early years of the pandemic. To be fair, I am thankful that this is a course that I can take remotely as I don't know if I'd survive going through this in person. But I do recognize that means that I'm now a bit more responsible for my learning versus an in-person session if that makes any sense. I look forward to seeing how the facilitator/s will make sure everyone walks away from this session with something of value. 

This is totally going to complicate my workload for the rest of the week as I'll need to focus on the course. That's probably the biggest risk of taking such a serious seminar as a fully remote experience - the temptation to juggle work and other tasks at the same time even when you shouldn't. Wish me luck on this one - I'm pretty sure it'll yield a certificate at the end and that'll definitely be important to the company in any event.

That's already a lot, so I'm going to wrap things up here and get back to processing O Bar videos.