02D06: Thanks For Reading

Monday - Bangus Lunch

We had a brief yet intense bout of rain this afternoon. It was a quite welcome shift in the weather even if the rain didn't quite hold up. But at least it went on long enough to cool things off a bit. Our post-grocery walk was a bit more comfortable than in previous days, albeit still quite humid. But the little things can matter, and at least tonight feels a wee bit cooler.

Over the past week or so, I've gotten a few reminders that more people pay attention to my blog than I expected. As much as I largely write this blog for myself, I can't lie that it feels nice to have a bit of an audience. I write to clear my head and shake off whatever is lingering in my head from the day's events but sometimes I can feel rather stuck when trying to get started on a post. There's a lot of stuff that I have to leave unsaid because not everything is meant for public consumption, but for the most part, the blog posts still help me on some level. Even if I can vaguely refer to the more stressful stuff that I'm dealing with here and there. 

So my thanks to people who take the time to read these posts, even if you only drop by at random. Knowing that friends have read even just one post can kinda mean the world to me.

But really, we should also talk more. I think a lot of my blogging is still me leaving things out there in the hopes that it leads to a conversation. A comment is cute, but even that is rather rare. Like any bit of writing, it's value goes beyond the reading. It's more about making people think or inspiring emotion and all that lofty stuff. A personal blog with a lot of stream-of-consciousness updates probably isn't going to do that for most people. But hey, sometimes I can struck by a stronger bout of inspiration and end up writing something more meaningful or substantial. It's something.

Either way, I'll just keep blogging for now. Thanks for reading this far. I super appreciate it.