02D00: Keyboard Workaround

Tuesday - Keto Pasta

I really need to bring my laptop in for repairs. The O and P keys are non-responsive most of the time and I've needed to shift most of my heavier typing to my phone. I've gone as far as installing a program that allows me to use my phone as an alternate keyboard input for little things. I might as well get an external keyboard as a stopgap method, but the real solution is to have a professional look at it. 

It's a seemingly small problem, but it's a very annoying one. And I know I'll be more irked by being away from my computer for a while until the repairs are done. But if I'm doing most of my typing on my phone anyway, then what's the point, right? I should just yank the Band-Aid off and get it assessed. I have a Singapore trip coming up soon and better that I have a working computer for that trip. But looking at my calendar for the week, my most likely option would be to bring it to the shop on Friday. I hope that will still leave enough time for me to get it back before the trip.

This week, our main activities include board games on Friday and O Bar on Saturday. The game night involves our usual Friday friends, so that's good. For O Bar, we're still struggling to assemble a table group as our usuals all seem to be busy for one reason or another. It's a little frustrating that it feels like it has been getting harder and harder to find friends for our O Bar nights in recent months. But things just... happen. And as this O Bar night will most likely be my main chance to go before my next work trip, I am still determined to make sure it's a fun night for us.

Enough for now. I can blog on my phone for only so long haha.