02CFF: More Normal Monday

Monday - Banana Leaf Dinner

It's a new workweek and there's so much that needs to get done. My day started with our bi-weekly huddle with the whole team, which is a lot of numbers reporting and general reminders. It's one of the earliest meetings on my calendar since I try to limit stuff to later in the day, but it's nice to interact with everyone, even if just virtually. It indirectly acts as my indicator of how the week might go and today's meeting left me a little worried but not quite stressed yet. Let's see how the actual week will go.

Tobie is home and all is back to normal. He arrived home pretty late but I joined him for a late post-flight dinner and the first three episodes of Tales of the Empire. Today felt right since my life was back to preparing two mugs of coffee at a time and sharing a hearty banchan-empowered lunch while rushing an episode of Delicious in Dungeon in between work obligations. After Work, we did our weekly grocery to resupply our rather bare fridge and went for a quick walk around BGC after. All is well.

I'll enjoy what time we have for now as I have a flight coming up in just over two weeks. It's my turn to leave him to watch the Sietch (that was a convoluted sentence), and the days are just going to fly by. 

We're still trying to figure out our weekend plans. Feel free to message us in case you want to play board games or go to O Bar on Saturday night. 😉