02CFC: Friday Sietch Log

Friday - Leftovers

This was a pretty busy end to the workweek for me, which was just as well as it was a welcome distraction from me being alone at the Sietch all day. Do not underestimate the power of video conferencing to help you achieve a decent level of socialization for the day.

I think the main thing that I've been struggling with during Tobie's absence is figuring out what to eat. When you're just cooking for yourself, you end up shifting to lower effort quick meals versus more complex stuff. And the lowest tier of stuff to eat is leftovers from earlier in the week, so I've been working through our fridge quite steadily. Plus I only really have two big meals a day, so all the more I don't feel the need to cook. 

At least I haven't been ordering out just yet. Might as well try to be prudent until Tobie gets home.

I'm waiting for a friend to make her way over here for some Friday night gaming. I've already had dinner but I still feel rather snackish, but I'm trying to defer any more eating until maybe after at least two board games or something. It'll be even better if I these unnecessary hunger pangs pass entirely, but I have to admit that gaming also tends to encourage eating on a subliminal level or something.

My only other consideration for tonight is that I haven't hit my daily step goal just yet. Let's see if I can squeeze in the remaining steps in between games or something.