02CF9: Shifting Things Around

Tuesday - Sayote with Giniling

With all the board games that had arrived yesterday and more still expected to arrive this week, the Sietch is feeling a little crowded. I had immediately worked on migrating all of our Firefly: The Game content to the ridiculously large 10th Anniversary Collector's Edition box, which resulted in some minor rearrangements of our shelves. But the need to bring our Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game out of the inconvenient shelf I had stashed it in kind of offset the balance a bit. I also got to move a game or two off of our couch and onto a proper shelf, so that's a good thing, too.

Bringing that game out of a mostly obstructed shelf did give me a chance to rearrange things and make a bit more space, but then I got confirmation that the first two waves of the latest Transformers Generations toyline were already available for delivery. So my efforts to optimize how that area had been arranged just made space for the new boxes that just arrived.

I guess one of my weekend activities while Tobie is away on a work trip will be to unbox more of the older Transformers and try to free up more space for games and such. I haven't moved the Transformers queue in a while and there are those other games expected to arrive.

Anyway, it is nice that tomorrow is a holiday as we'll be gaming with our Friday gaming group in anticipation. That'll leave tomorrow open for more quality time for me and Tobie before he flies off on Thursday. I still have to figure out how I'll fill up my weekend, but at least my Transformers "work" represents a good option to start with.