02CF8: New Game Deluge

Monday - Firefly: The Game 10th Anniversary

This week I was looking forward to the arrival of several games that we had supported via crowdfunding as we had already received the shipping notifications for them - these being Robinson Crusoe - Collector's Edition, Inventions: Evolution of Ideas, From the Moon, and Dog Park: New Tricks. I was already stressing over where to "home" these games within our already teeming full shelves as part of our neverending struggle to keep pace with our games.

However, our morning included an unexpected delivery from our US forwarding service, which included a few other crowdfunding games that did not provide a Philippines shipping option. These were the adorable Let's Go to Japan and the ridiculously large Firefly: The Game - 10th Anniversary Collector's Edition. Today's shipment also included some Portal Games pre-orders, these being Printing Press and the new Merchants Guild faction for Neuroshima Hex

So many new games in one week! And this doesn't count Tobie's weekend acquisitions, these being In Front of the Elevators, Before the Guests Arrive, and Come Sail Away! - all published by Saashi and Sasshi.

Even with the Labor Day holiday in the middle of the week, I have no idea when we'll find the time to even just try all these games. Plus Tobie will be out of town this weekend, so that will limit my gaming options unless I can invite friends over for some geeky quality time. The timing of things is pretty bonkers at times, but we'll make things work. It's just a lot of games to process in a limited period of time and I do wish that Tobie's work trip didn't stack with all this. 

Happy Monday!