02CF7: Great Game Nights

Sunday - Terraforming Mars

We don't often get to have board game nights that last until sunrise, especially when the session involves our first time gaming with someone. But last night was quite a fulfilling game session and perhaps a great addition to Tobie's birthday weekend festivities.

The player in question is someone who has only recently gotten into board games but has already been organizing his own game sessions in order to find players to explore the gaming hobby with. He had actually reached out to us on social media to check if we wanted to join one of his sessions and instead, we offered to invite him over to game with us. It took a while to find a free slot on both of our busy calendars, but it finally happened last night.

I respect that he's been pretty diligent in trying to learn games on his own as most are happy to join game sessions and be taught. And he has a distinct interest in learning longer, more complex games, which isn't always possible when you're hosting more open game sessions for mostly newbie players. So our commitment to him was to introduce him to some of our favorite games, all of which tend to be pretty deep in terms of rules complexity and potential strategy.

Our game night only covered three favorite games - Terraforming Mars, Concordia, and Suburbia. But teaching and playing these three games took us well over 12 hours of play with a lot of good conversation in between games and at the end of the session. He took to the games pretty well and players like that are always blessings in our book. It was the sort of game night where we didn't quite want things to end but the sun had come up and we all needed to catch up on sleep.

I still made it to our family book club meeting for The Three-Body Problem despite my lack of sleep. Then we still had our World of Dew Session 0 for character creation and other preliminary things before we start this new RPG campaign. We all blame our enjoyment of the recent Shogun TV series that has led us to want to play a Japanese RPG. We were hoping to have our first official session in May, but it looks like June looks a bit more realistic given everyone's travel plans next month.  

Then I sent Tobie to bed early since he had missed out on sleep to help me wake up for our book club meeting. I took a quick walk/jog around the area to wrap up my steps for the day. It's still pretty humid outside, but at least it's sort of cooler at night than it is during the daytime. Every bit counts, I suppose.

We have a weird week ahead given the mid-week holiday. Let's see how things go from here.