02CF6: More Birthday Celebrations

Saturday - Tobie's O Bar Birthday

Our birthday celebration for Tobie at O Bar last night was pretty heavy as far as O Bar nights go. Normally we manage to limit our intake to vodka, which seems to have less risks of a hangover the next day. But since it was a birthday night, there were more than a few tequila shots that made their way to us was people wanted to share in expressing their appreciation for Tobie. We got home safely and all that, but our actual Saturday has a distinct heaviness to it.

We had a good group of friends with us with a few surprise appearances added to the night. The Friday night show was still great with its own share of surprises for Tobie and special numbers performed for him. And to top it all off, we got two more birthday cakes to mark his birthday because of course we did. That's why O Bar is really our second home as we have some pretty loving extended family based there.

Today we just have a game night planned with a new gaming friend I connected with on Instagram. The main request is to help introduce him to more heavier games with his interests lying more along the lines of science fiction and stuff. That does present a good excuse to bring out some "classics" to the game table as we have the whole night to explore games together. I have some pretty high hopes and we'll see how all this will go.