02CF4: (1111) Birthday

Thursday - Sariwon

Today is Tobie's birthday. This marks the 15th birthday that I've had the joy of celebrating with him. I didn't get to do anything super special this year (and I've had some bangers over the years) but it's not like every day isn't special. It's cheesy of me to say that, but we've been cheesy for over 15 years now.

We started the day in an atypical way - we went for a walk at midnight. We hadn't been able to walk after dinner because Tobie ran an online RPG session. I wasn't expecting to walk and had completed my steps within the Sietch. But it was Tobie who had suggested starting his birthday with our new hobby of walking around BGC. We didn't take the jogging path since it was pretty late and just stuck to the main roads. It was a decent enough walk despite the humidity.

Tobie had taken the day off to do birthday things like get his new driver's license for the next 10 years. I still had work and had quite the busy the day so there really wasn't room to take time off. But that's fine as we all met up for dinner with Tobie's family and it was a nice end to the evening.

We'll be continuing the birthday celebrations tomorrow at O Bar as is our obligation every birthday. We have a pretty interesting weekend ahead with old friends and new ones but a lot of geekery for sure. 

This has been a fun start to Tobie's birthday weekend.