02CF3: Efficient Cooking

Wednesday - Bangus Relleno and Banchan

The weather has been unbearably hot as of late and it's more than just a feeling - it's particularly hot and quite the health risk. I try to limit our AC use to the daytime hours but I still have it on now as I'm writing this post because it still feels quite warm. We'll probably risk sleeping without the AC as normal...but I'm still having second thoughts about this.

There's still a lot going on at work and I think I've made some smart grocery choices for the week. I have a mix of ingredients for more complex dishes for when I have more time around lunch and some more ready-to-eat stuff for busier days. But as I learned last week, I'm sort of "upgrading" our ready-to-eat meals with the joys of Korean-style side dishes that I either prepare ahead of time like some pickled radish, or some very quick ones like today's spinach. 

I've also been making an effort to increase our fish intake, which includes a promise to stop buying traditional sausages and get fish sausages instead. Alas, they were out of stock when we did our grocery shopping yesterday, so I ended up getting some rellenong bangus that was very quick to fry up and serve, which was perfect for my schedule today. This relleno wasn't served in a fish (as is the common effort), so it really felt like giant sausage, closer to a fish embutido. Whatever it is, it was pretty yummy and went quite well with our side dishes and some cauliflower as a rice replacement. 

And I still have plenty of leftover pickled radish for future meals for the week.