02CF1: Heat Indexing

Monday - Chicken Tinola

The weather has been pretty brutal as of late and it feels like there's no end to this summer for now. My brain tells me that it's bound to get hotter as we enter into May but my body rebels at the very notion that it can get any hotter. I am thankful for the luxury of air conditioning given these difficult times. The heat is pretty much a health risk at this point if you don't stay properly cooled and hydrated. 

The heat has been making my morning yoga a bit more intense than usual, which is a mixed blessing I suppose. Things are a little better in the evening so Tobie and I try to take advantage of that with our post-dinner walks. It's significantly cooler but still quite humid at times, making some of our walks feel "soupier" than is comfortable. At least we're still getting some shared activity time despite the blazing daytime heat.

Outside of work and other boring things, my other distractions this week include reading the Zeb Wells run of New Mutants back during the Utopia period of the X-Men. We're also on track to finish the first season of the Fallout TV series and we're about halfway through House of Ninjas. Good stuff.