02CED: Friday Checkpoint

Friday - Keto Mushroom Pasta

We've made it to the end of another workweek! This week was a LOT and I know everyone in the team pulled together to get everything done in time. The cherry on top for the end of the week is the confirmation that our agency made it to  the shortlist for three different categories in the 2024 Agency of the Year Awards in Singapore. As is the case every year, we're up against some pretty steep competition in the form of some pretty big agencies, but we'll see how things play out. It's cheesy to say that it's an honor to be nominated, but it truly is. 

But now to relax a bit.

We have a game night tonight with a slightly different group of friends from our usual Fridays. That means we'll be able to play at least one round of Magic: the Gathering before we shift to other games. Tomorrow we're meeting someone in person for the first time for a more introductory game night. and then Sunday will be our Pendragon RPG campaign session. 

That still leaves a bit of a gap for us on Saturday night as the game session tomorrow won't be an all-night sort of situation. I don't think we'll pull anyone over to address that, as Tobie and I can continue to play games on our own or we can drag friends online via Board Game Arena or something. But yeah, we do like to fill every available moment with some bit of geeky entertainment.

Lastly, please check out this amazing Latin dance performance that I took at O Bar last night. I'm happy that I finally got it online as it's a really great number. And if you need something lighter, I've also processed the video of the O Divas performing Bini's "Pantropiko".