02CE8: Gaming Marathon

Sunday - The Fox Experiment

So last night was our monthly FGTC board game night and the "official" birthday game night for Tobie. The group always celebrates applicable birthdays during the monthly meetup, and this was Tobie's time. Thus he brought a number of games that he wanted to play or at least see move given our group can support two simultaneous games.

We kicked things off with Star Trek: Frontiers, which is the Star Trek reskin of Mage Knight. That was a rather involved game that took a bit of time to work through as it was our first playthrough. But I really enjoyed it despite not winning. I know, at its core it is still Mage Knight. But there's something about the way they embraced the Star Trek concept and translated it into an experience of both combat and diplomatic adventuring that is kinda brilliant.

While we were finishing that game, other friends played a round of Splendor: Pok√©mon, which I'm starting to wish we owned a copy of. It's still Splendor, but it's also not. And it's ultimately a lot of fun. Then after the birthday cake and gift moment, we shifted to the much lighter (but also crazier) combination of Pick-a-DOG and Pick-a-PIG. We don't own copies of these games either, but we do enjoy it when friends bring them out to the game table.

Our next cycle of games involved me facilitating a Wyrmspan game while Tobie ran Legendary Encounters: Alien. Our game had three of us at a similar range of points and the last player just totally running away with the game. And in the time it took us to finish our game, Tobie's group ran through two different Alien movies with not-so-great results. It was an interesting round of play for everyone.

Then our last big game of the night was our first 6-player playthrough of The Fox Experiment, one of our newer games that we've only trialed once on a Friday game night. More often than not, games can feel quite slow when they involve more than 4 players. This one wasn't so bad as two of the four main phases of the game are played simultaneously. It was a fun way to end the night and a nice way to have everyone (still awake) in a single game.

After that full night of gaming, our main activity was another gaming meetup, this time involving some longer-term friends that we'd been trying to schedule for some time. In honor of one of their birthdays, we ended up playing back-to-back rounds of Wyrmspan that resulted in Tobie winning both games with the exact same final score, oddly enough. I wish we had more time to play more games, but Sundays are rather limited in that regard.

That all made for a great weekend altogether despite my initial worries. Now let's see how the next weekend will go, provided I figure out the rest of our schedule.