02CE7: Expected Gaming

Saturday - Star Trek Frontiers

So Friday night turned out to be a pretty "productive" one on the gaming front. From not having any plans to managing to game until sunrise is quite the shift - and one that we're super thankful for. 

We first brought out of copy of Kanban EV, which is the updated version of the classic board game Kanban: Automotive Revolution. We've generally enjoyed that game but always recognized its inherent difficult both in terms of playing the game and teaching it to others. This new edition doesn't necessarily change those aspects of the game, but it does upgrade all the components and streamline a few things here and there so that it doesn't feel quite as dated. I was surprised at how well I did given how long it has been since we had last played the original game. But I think we can bring this version out a bit more to get more play out of it.

Then we played two rounds of Fit to Print, which is a rather frenetic tile-laying game that plays in 5-minute sprints. I had felt rather stressed out by this game the first time we played it, but I think I had a relatively better handle on things this time around. I'm still not the best at it, but at least I can get through the games without panicking at the end. 

Our last game of the night was this quirky Escape Room: The Game that Tobie had acquired this week. Our first playthrough had been a little rough and this second attempt at the game wasn't all that better. It's still fun as a whole and I know we just need to get used to their approach to puzzles in order to fully dive into the game more. But it may take a few more tries - which is difficult for a game where every scenario can only played once.

For today, we have our big gaming meetup and Tobie has selected some interesting games to bring to the table. Our first game is the rather crunchy Star Trek: Frontiers, which is a implementation of Mage Knight but with the Star Trek flavor. We're pretty deep into the game at the moment and as tricky as it is, I'm quite enjoying things. I don't think I'm going to win, but at least I get to play as Captain Martok.