02CE3: Insufficient Holiday Planning

Tuesday - Sashimi

Sad news tonight - just received word that a high school classmate had passed away. We don't have specific details yet and many of us haven't seen him in a while since he had moved much further south. My last conversation with him on Messenger was, weirdly enough, about when Yoshi passed and we had discussed what had happened. I'm sure there was a more recent conversation, but that had been using an alternate account that he had set up for one reason or another. 

There is life and there is death and there is life.

While I still had work today, both Tobie and I share tomorrow's holiday at the very least. I was hoping to get someone to drop by the Sietch for board games, but it seems all the usual suspects are out of town and the few newbie gamers I tried to gamble on aren't available on such short notice. I really should have tried to make plans earlier, but I waited for official confirmation that the Philippine holiday would align with the Singapore one. It usually happens but there have been exceptions here and there, so it felt prudent to wait. 

And while Tobie and I aren't without options, it just would have been nice to have another friend or two to game with. It helps disrupt our balance at the table so that Tobie and I don't just block one another moves during game after game after game. As it stands, we'll most likely end up playing digital versions of games to save on table cleanup or to include at least one AI player to balance things out a bit. 

Mid-week holidays like this are weird, but they're certainly not unwelcome. There are always a lot of fun things to do or ways to invest our time. And this means a bit more rest before needing to focus on work again on Thursday. I hope you all end up feeling fresh and recharged after the extra time off.