02CE2: Late Holiday Planning

Monday - Pork Chops

Unionbank has not been my best friend today. This business app was down for most of the day and I became an additional source of stress until the very end of my workday. And while things ultimately got resolved, it didn't make for a particularly great start to this week. I only have Wednesday off, so it's a nearly full week for us. No one needs bank-related stress at the very start of the week.

In other news, I'm still trying to figure out how Tobie and I will make the most of the mid-week holiday. As much as I still have a full workday tomorrow, the evening is wide open for gaming plans of some sort and so is Wednesday afternoon. Most friends seem to have made arrangements to go out of town and such and that's cool for them. But we're really not the sort to do a lot of traveling - we just need to lure a friend or two over to make the most of things. The alternative is to game with friends remotely on Board Game Arena, but that sort of defeats the point of having a free like this. Gaming in person is generally superior to online implementations of board games. 

If any of you are willing to travel to BGC to play board games, message me directly. I'd be more surprised if you read my blog should you do so. 😅 In any case, you'd still be welcome.

Mid-week holidays always make for rather weird weeks. It's an extra day off, which is nice, but it's also a very limited amount of time, so there's only so much that you can do. But our notion of fun isn't necessarily a universal one. And don't get me started on the idea of bringing board games with them out of town. It's the out-of-town part that really doesn't appeal to us. 

Enjoy your holiday, folks. And for the rest of us, I hope your Tuesday goes a lot better than my Monday.