02CE0: Chill Friday, Good Saturday

Last night at O Bar was the right kind of fun that we all needed after a rather stressful week. As much as Saturday nights are the big event nights when they take the show to a higher level, that doesn't mean Friday nights aren't great in their own right. Plus Fridays come with the added benefit of live Performances by O2Men, who are always fun to engage with. Our group was pretty small versus other nights, but that was just nice as well as things felt a bit more focused and the bar as a whole wasn't too crowded, which was also a bit of a relief. There weren't a lot of familiar faces but there were a few surprise encounters that were most welcome.

Today has been a slower recovery day, although the weather hasn't been very helpful in that regard. Tobie had some family errands to run so I held the fort at home and settled errands and got some reading time in.

We're gaming with another friend today, which should make for a fun evening. We haven't been able to hang out with him as much as we'd like given complications all around. And given we're starting earlier than our usual Friday night game nights, that also means we'll be able to play more games or at least more big games that tend to take more time.

Have a great weekend, everyone! I envy all of you who went for the crazy 5-day weekend option given the stacking of vacation days and a double holiday this week.