02CDD: Product Trials

Wednesday - Chicken Tinola

When we go grocery shopping, a lot of things are purchased more out of habit than choice with variations of our menu based on availability. There are brands that we're generally loyal to but it's not like I'm against making changes. And for this month, I'm finally shaking a few things up in order to acknowledge shifting priorities and needs. It will mean transitioning to new products (and sources for those products) but it should be worth it in the long run.

I had spent a better part of the week researching products and most of them aren't stuff we can typically get at SM Supermarket. So I've included them as part of my Lazada 4.4 order because I have dedicated a specific part of our grocery shopping to e-commerce. I might be wrong and maybe we'll find in-person suppliers as well, but for this trial period, this could work out. But I'll continue to see if we can find better options in time. But for now, I'm kinda excited to see how all of this will go.

We have our Invisible Sun RPG session today, which is one of the few steady RPG campaigns we still have ongoing given other complications in scheduling. We'll get back to the other games in time, but for now it's a relief that we do have these alternate games to still work with. And mid-week gaming is a special gift in itself.