02CDC: Tuesday Tidbits

Tuesday - Keto Pasta

Funny bit to start this post off: 
On our way back to the Sietch after a post-dinner walk, our route through the rotonda near the American cemetery was ill-timed as the automatic sprinklers were active. This is not the first time we've had to deal with this, but typically it's just the sprinklers that line the central island and not the sidewalk. But tonight, the sprinklers by the sidewalk came on just as we were walking past, and what started as our effort to use our knowledge of platform games to dodge the sprinklers ended as an inevitable drenching. It was funnier more than troubling and the sprint needed to get out of the spray radius was a fun bit to end the night. 

While we haven't been able to get back on our K-Drama train since last week's disruptions, our attention remains focused on two great shows. Tuesdays are always a day to look forward to as it's when new episodes of Shogun drop on Disney+. And when we're not waiting for that show, we're still working through the 3 Body Problem on Netflix. Those are our main shows of focus at the moment with sillier things like Is It Cake? for all the other times when we're not as focused on the TV. 

That said, we haven't been sleeping as early as we should given the diversity of good content to consume. I know we need to make more responsible decisions in terms of what to watch with consideration to our sleeping time, but you know how it is. Good stories just pull you in and before you know it, it's well past midnight already.

Plus I've been aggressively trying to catch up with my O Bar video queue since the Holy Week and I still have two full O Bar nights' worth of videos to process. We're already scheduled to go back on Friday so it's a continuing "problem" that has no true end when you get down to it. But hey, it's all by choice since I dedicate so much effort to recording their performances.