02CDB: Domestic Stories

Monday - SaladStop!

The first workday after a long weekend is always a heavy one and today was quite busy indeed. There was a lot of catching up plus a big client presentation and other bits. We all got through the day okay but there's still the rest of the week to consider. But I don't think it'll be particularly crazy or anything. Welcome to April.

And there are more holidays next week!

We finally got caught up on our grocery shopping after work and the sietch is properly restocked. We had ended up skipping groceries last week because of other obligations and so we just made the most of what limited things we had. It's nice to have our fridge and our shelves back to regular levels.

One thing I am trying to figure out is how to source hypoallergenic dishwashing liquid beyond baby-centric products. We're trying to mitigate the impact of harsher soaps and such and this is one of the areas I feel I need to work on. My best bet is to try a local distributor for Better Life cleaning products, which seems to have a good reputation, are declared to be hypoallergenic - plus they were on Shark Tank or something? I've added a bottle of their unscented dishwashing soap to my Lazada cart and I'll check out during the 4.4 sale just to be theoretically smarter about this sort of thing. I'm not sure if we'll shift all of our soaps to hypoallergenic versions - let's start with this particular one first. 

And as always, Tobie and I got to walk the BGC Greenway for additional steps. We don't get to walk daily, but we do make time whenever we can. And I think Tobie is starting to feel a bit better for it, even with a minimal 5,000-step goal for now.