02CD8: Good Friday Gaming

Friday - Lords of Waterdeep

When we were younger, Holy Week was truly a quiet time. Our family wasn't really the sort to go on big out-of-town trips nor did we do a lot of church visiting. So my most vivid memories of Holy Week involved staying home and not being allowed to watch TV or play computer games. The worst was the hours of 12pm-3pm on Good Friday when you're pretty much not allowed to talk because "Jesus is dying". At least reading was an acceptable activity as it could be done in perfect silence.

It's a very different vibe now, not just because I'm an adult living on my own. In BGC (and probably most of Metro Manila at the very least), a lot of restaurants were still open for both dine-in and delivery and there were quite a number of people on the street. As much as we can assume that people are looking for places to eat after mass or something, there are still quite many people just... hanging out. It's a very different vibe from the Holy Weeks we experienced growing up, but signs of the times and all. And that means that we get to eat out during a Good Friday. It still feels a bit surreal.

For our family board game session, I facilitated two games for the afternoon. Our first was the core Lords of Waterdeep game, which is still a super solid experience. If anything, it was one of those coore games that helped us get through the lockdown period as our gaming group all had copies of their digital adaptation. It was a good game that my brother managed to win and that was that. Then I got to walk them through Suburbia, which is a game that I love dearly. Tobie made it in time to join us for this game...and of course, he also won it. But it's always a good time - plus I managed to snag some airports, and that always makes any game a win.

For tonight, we didn't have any firm plans but a call for gaming on X/Twitter resulted in our neighbor dropping by. I'll log more updates on those games in my Saturday blog post.

Oh last thing - I keep thinking today is Saturday! Long weekends are such a rarity, but this one in particular is messing me up for some reason. It's not too bad of a thing since realizing that there's still more weekend to be enjoyed. But it can be rather unsettling everytime I misspeak about the timing of things.