02CD7: Early Friday Mood

Thursday - Root

I still had work today and, of course, it was quite the busy day given the shorter workweek. It's like everyone had to block off some time today to clear items before the long weekend. And then all of our calendars for next week seem pretty bonkers, so I guess it's going to be a stressful start to April.

After work, I tried going around BGC in the hopes of picking up some supplies and perhaps dinner as well. But all the groceries are closed for Maundy Thursday and the best I could do was check out the Korean minimarts in the area, of which there are more than a few. Pretty much all of them were open, which was pretty great. I ended up with some rather niche items like baby bok choy and now I have something to cook for dinner tomorrow. Then by Saturday, we should be able to make a proper resupply effort. Tobie and I weren't able to grocery this week given how busy things have been outside of work. 

Beyond all that, it's a quiet night at the Sietch while Tobie is away. I've been dedicating time every day to working on my queue of O Bar videos and I'm mostly done with the Valentine's Day event. I think I've already posted the videos of the more notable numbers and I should finish things off by tomorrow. That'll just leave DeeDee's birthday show and the summer kick-off event too work through.

At least I have gaming plans for tomorrow afternoon and Tobie should be able to get back in time to join us. It'll just be an afternoon affair, which will leave the night free. Naturally, my brain is already thinking today is Friday since I'm in weekend mode and the extra day off is more than welcome. Let's see how the weekend plays out.