02CD4: Manic Monday Mania

Monday - SaladStop! Cobb Salad

This was a rather unusual (or at least atypical) Monday because of a particular situation that I won't go into detail in this blog. Work was still important as is the case for any Monday. But I just had other things to deal with as well. Things have resolved pretty well (for now) and I'm glad that I managed to balance things accordingly. 

That said, it's a somewhat weird week ahead, and not just because of the Holy Week holiday period. Other complications (apart from what I had to juggle today) will disrupt our regular Sietch routines for most of the week. This particular constraint isn't limited to the Holy Week period, so this may require a bit more planning and adaptation in the coming weeks until things are addressed.

It's nothing that Tobie and I can't handle together and we'll see things through one way or another. And we'll still get our games in, too, despite the relative craziness. 

And in other news, I finally finished reading The Bee Sting, which is our current family book club title. It was quite the long read but it had its moments here and there. I don't think it's one of our better books, but that's part of the club experience.

But now I'm going to try and read as many other titles of personal interest until we decide on our next book.