02CD1: Gaming Variations

Friday - Sayote and Giniling

It has been a rather busy week and I feel like I've been seriously falling behind on my reading. It's not like I haven't been reading, but I haven't been finishing books, which is what counts towards my end-of-year reading goals. I'll get there eventually, but not right now. Hopefully I'll have some time to catch up during the Holy Week holidays next week - at least during those times we're not busy playing board games.

Case in point, we're meeting a friend for a game night tonight even through the three of us will join other friends tomorrow for another game night. That kind of geekery will take a lot out of anyone but that's just how we roll. Fewer players (like tonight) tends to result in either more games played or several meatier games in one night. More players (like tomorrow) typcially leads to shorter games to maximize play options or we just split into sub-groups to play heavier games at the cost of interactions with other friends. It's the nature of the beast given how so many games have a max player count of like 4-5 players.

Tomorrow's game night will be a bit shorter for us since we'll be headed to O Bar later in the night. I hate not seeing a game night through until the end (which means until sunris), but we also have to juggle our  commitments to O Bar family. As tomorrow is the summer kick-off event, we expect that to be rather special night indeed.

Happy weekend, everyone!