02CCF: Other Crowdfunding Projects on the Radar

Wednesday - Pork Liempo

There's a new Avatar board game coming to Gamefound, but it's a dice-based game. As much as we love ATLA, dice-based board games tend to not be our favorite game mechanics. Plus the previews of the game itself feel a little drab as the board looks more like the sheet for a roll-and-write game or something. Maybe it'll turn out to be a lot more fun than it appears - I guess we won't know until the campaign officially launches. On a similar note, we haven't considered getting a copy of the recent Avatar: The Last Airbender Crossroads of Destiny game that officially came out last year either. The only official Avatar-related game we own is actually the weird Legend of Korra pro-bending game and it barely sees any play.

At least we have the official RPG. That's quite pretty indeed.

An unexpected crowdfunding project that has blipped on my radar is this "Ultimate Game Night Bag" by Mayday Games, a company that most folks probably remember more because of their card sleeves and other accessories. A gaming bag is still an accessory, of course, but I think this is possibly the first time they're dipping into this segment. It felt a little silly at first, but I have to admit that the bag looks pretty solid and shows a fair amount of versatility. And as gamers who do tend to haul board games around for different game nights, this bag may have some value. For now, we just use our many reusable grocery bags to haul games around.

I haven't backed this particular project just yet. But I will admit that I'm seriously considering it. 

Otherwise, it has been a busy but productive Wednesday. Tobie and I still made some time to walk around BGC after dinner even though it was rather late. The Greenway still wasn't fully lit for some reason so we stuck to the lit areas and then made our way home.