02CCE: Other Sietch Updates

Tuesday - Mushroom Pasta

We had time to walk after dinner tonight and it was pretty pleasant. Things were getting a bit warmer but this week it feels like we have a bit more cold weather before the month ends. The deeper part of the Greenway was oddly unlit tonight and we didn't risk going down the path where the road dips. So we ended up going around BGC in general. Things were perfectly fine until we were close to home and the sole of the right shoe fell off entirely. I made it home okay, but it was a funny end to things. But to be fair, I've had those walking shoes since we were still living in Cubao, so it's just as well.

But knowing me...I'll probably try to get a very similar pair as a replacement because I'm not very creative in this regard. I'll have to switch to sandals for our walks, but I suspect that pair of footwear is also on its last...legs.

On the TV front, we're on two different journeys.

First, Tuesdays are Shogun days and we are both LOVING this latest adaptation of the James Clavell novel. As much as I'm busy reading other books for different reasons, I feel a stronger urge to return to that book just because the show is so moving. We just finished this week's episode while I was writing this blog and it's definitely one of the best.

A TRPG game set in feudal Japan feels more and more urgent and necessary at this point.

Then our active K-Drama at the moment is Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo, which is something we delayed because we had first watched Strong Girl Bong-soon and figured we needed a different dynamic. We're only two episodes in and it's too early to get a full read on the story. It's definitely the right sort of light tone that we were hoping for after the heaviness of Memories of the Alhambra.