02CCD: A Bit of Our Day

Monday - Pork Steak

After work, we headed to SM Aura for our weekly grocery run and things were largely uneventful. We finally got to explore the newly renovated Food on Four area. It features a lot of the same food establishments as before with a few additions but the prices feel significantly higher. We've been mainly eating at the small food court beside the supermarket these past months and the price disparity between there and the upstairs food court is kinda bonkers. Even a bottle of water is P15 more expensive upstairs than downstairs...so go figure. We're probably not going to eat here a lot as part of our weekly errands. 

We then went for another walk around the neighborhood as our daily activity. Tobie surprised me a bit by suggesting that we go for a second round after I was pretty sure we had hit our respective step goals. I'm never one to say no to more walking, plus the weather was quite nice today. The air is a lot nippier outside than in the Sietch and there weren't too many people on the Greenway with us. 

Beyond that, I find myself thinking about our social schedules and how to make the most of the weekends to come. There are a couple of gaps in our calendar, especially in April, but it's still early enough to find options before then. I'm already reaching out to particular friends to check on their availability first before I move on to others. It's a process I go through every month as I wrangle our calendar and it's weirdly fun in its own way. 

If you hope to book a slot with us, better message me now rather than later.