02CCB: Weekend Gaming Push

Saturday - Mythwind

Let's go through all the games that we played last night!

First, we finally completed our first full game year for Mythwind and I'm just glad that we got this game back to the table. The story is still slowly developing, but I think we're all getting sick of drawing "Into the Unknown" adventure cards. Then we played a full round of Cascadia with the Landmarks expansion and it was a good time at the table as well. I really appreciate what the expansion has added to the game. It's one of those upgrades that make it feel pointless to play without the benefit of the expansion moving forward.

When it was just down to 3 players, we shifted our gaming attention somewhat. We tried another new game, P√°tzcuaro, which is a great celebration of Mexican culture. Plus it's a pretty fun game in itself. Then we played two rounds of Startups to help us with our gaming h-index goals. Our last (big) game of the night was Isle of Cats and it was more of a struggle for me than hoped. But that's the way these things can go. All those games still had us playing right until sunrise and that's a lot.

Today is all about Root as our neighbor stated he's eager to play. We already went through a full game with all the bits and bobs from the expansions and it was sooo much fun. It's not an easy game by any means, but it's definitely one that I love a lot. It's the first Leder Games release that really drew me in and now the new TowerRex insert has really made it easier to bring it back to the table. 

I know I was saying that I was concerned that we didn't have a lot of games lined up for this weekend. but I guess things are turning out a lot better than I had anticipated at this point. 

Have a great weekend, everyone!