02CC9: Empty Calendar Dates

Thursday - Pork Chop Lunch

While I don't get the full benefit of the Holy Week long weekend, I at least still get Good Friday off. And thus we're already trying to map out how we're going to spend the time. The weekend is still looking a little empty on our calendar, which is a little disconcerting this close to that particular weekend. We've sent out a few feelers here and there, but naturally, a lot of friends have out-of-town plans.

Typically our Sundays are spoken for given different ongoing RPG campaigns, but things are a little in flux this month due to player availability. Technically, we have things on the calendar, but they're all essentially placeholders that are still rather iffy given those same complications. This is partly why we've been able to watch two plays this month instead of our usual Sunday games. We'll see how things hold up.

I guess it's the sort of month where everyone has plans. We've been experiencing similar challenges with assembling table groups for O Bar nights. Our last night out (an event night no less) had us just barely filling up the table slots at the last minute. It's probably just a case of different schedules not aligning, but it is still rather bothersome given how often this has been happening as of late. 

At the very least, we have confirmed gaming plans for tomorrow night, so that's something. We have our neighbor friend coming over on Saturday but he can't stay too long. I'm not sure if it'll be worth the effort to pull in another player for Saturday to sort of round things out or Tobie and I can just continue to play games even when it's just the two of us left.