02CC7: Tuesday Tidying

Tuesday - O Bar Leftovers

After settling this week's groceries, Tobie and I still stepped out for a walk around BGC. We'll be busier the next few nights, so it felt prudent to get more walking time in now. And I'm going to celebrate every time we go out because it's a new form of quality time for us.

I am ridiculously lucky that lets me ramble on as we walk. He always gives whatever I have to say a chance and that's a unique gift indeed. I can start by sharing the story of the comic I had just finished reading then immediately jump to talking about something I had seen on TikTok after. We've been having conversations like this for 15 years now, but it still hasn't gotten old. Glorious. 

Our Netflix membership is set to expire tomorrow and I still haven't figured out how to switch it over to Globe billing. The dedicated sign-up page works fine for setting up a new account, but I'm not super clear on how to toggle things for an existing account. I think it'll be easier once our current account officially lapses - at the moment it's still reminding me that I've triggered a cancellation after today.

On a similar note, the only other Peso-billed items processed by foreign billing entities are related to our Microsoft and Google subscriptions. YouTube Premium was small enough to also shift to my Globe bill but things like Office 365 and Google One are way too big. I also have my blog domains that are tied to my credit card, but there's no real point in finding an alternate domain provider that bills in USD since... the rates seem significantly higher than what I'm paying now. So for now, I'll just wait and get through the Google Domains to Squarespace transition to see what my rates will be like over there after the 12-month guarantee period and then make final decisions beyond that point.

Another good day.