02CC5: Sunday Highs

Sunday - O Bar Table Group

O Bar last night was a lot of great fun. It was the birthday show for DeeDee, whose drag career started at O Bar so many years ago. And the numbers she curated for the night were a great showcase of a lot of her best stuff along with revitalized versions of past numbers we haven't seen in a while. It always helps that we share a love for Kylie Minogue and musicals as they were heavily featured throughout the night.

We had a solid group of friends with us although we were missing several members of our core group. They were still great company for the night and I think we all had a lot of fun together. But I'm once again feeling that shift in our table group roster as people's priorities pull them in different directions. Maybe I'm just overthinking things - people have their own lives to live after all. I guess I'm just missing seeing certain friends more - if at all, quite frankly.

This afternoon we woke up in time to catch The 25th Annual Putnam Spelling Bee as staged by The Sandbox Collective. I had initially been on the fence about watching this show as I was worried it would be too "kiddie", especially with the mention of it being an interactive production. But there are songs from this production that I've come to love over the years (e.g. "I Speak Six Languages"), so I was still keen on finally seeing the production for real. And it turned out to be a great show and a wonderful way to celebrate the afternoon. Tobie and I were laughing so much throughout the show - I guess it really just captured our level of humor or something.

The only other highlight for the night is that Tobie and I stepped out for another walk around the area after some Sariwon delivery dinner. We managed a good 6,000 steps together and the weather was just lovely. I hope that the crisp air stays with us for as long as possible...but summer is just around the corner. 

And as much as we had just gotten massages a few days ago, we could totally use another right around now. O Bar nights can be quite draining that way.