02CC4: 24-hour Game Log

Saturday - Daybreak Board Game

So we only had one friend over last night for gaming because the other was waylaid by other obligations. But fewer players can mean more games played and we definitely made the most of the night.

We started the night with Matt Leacock's Daybreak, which feels is probably one of his hardest board games ever. We had played this a few times online via Board Game Arena and our physical copy arrived fairly recently. Tobie and I had played a round on our own and thought we did pretty well...until we played the online version again and realized that we had inadvertently made it a lot easier. So that became our big challenge last night to see if we could tackle this in earnest and I'd like to think we got pretty close...but it wasn't enough. I will concede that this is a very meaningful game as it's about countries coming together to deal with the challenge of climate change and it's only suitable that it's a difficult game.

We shifted to something lighter after with Don't L.L.A.M.A. Dice, which is just a lot of stupid fun. Then we went back to Wyrmspan and had fun but didn't score as well as we did in the previous game we played. Then we did another mental reset with Startups, which is always welcome at the table. And since that game also helped us move the needle in terms of our board game h-index, we followed it up with a return to Clank!, which will always have a special spot in my heart as you can really feel how it led up to games like Dune: Imperium. In particular, we decided to try the Temple of the Ape Lords expansion map and it was very tricky! I love how just changing the board helps to refresh the game, even when using the same base cards. 

Our final game for the night was the Darksworn expansion campaign for Valeria: Card Kingdoms. We generally refer to this game as the fantasy Machi Koro given the similar dice-dependent engine-building mechanic and the headspace it occupies in our heads. But I'll concede that this cooperative campaign ads a serious sense of danger and threat to things that I rather appreciate. I'm looking forward to exploring the rest of this campaign and to see what else they've innovated. And given how many expansions we actually have for this game because Tobie got it as a secondhand bundle, we should probably explore things a lot more.

For today we did get around to trying the beta rules for Mythwind. It's weird to play this game without the town board and the campaign narrative aspect of things mixed in as it ends up feeling rather mechanical. But that's why this is an open beta to see if the changes to the individual character mechanics make sense, so that's something. Plus this allows us to play Mythwind a bit more while waiting for our campaign group to re-assemble.