02CBE: Tobie Time

Sunday - Nakji-bokkeum

Tobie and I are seriously trying to make a habit out of taking walks after dinner to help digest things, help with my step count, and add a bit more physical activity to our routine. As much as I can still hit my daily step goal without ever leaving the Sietch (this involves a LOT of pacing), it is nicer to walk outdoors - especially given the chillier air we're still clinging to. Our enjoyment of walking may change as summer draws closer, but whatever. The addition of more physical activity is a good thing and it results in some quirky conversations with Tobie.

It has been an enjoyable weekend for the two of us. Last night we played a good number of games including Neuroriders, two rounds of Dune: Imperium - Uprising, and our first physical playthrough of Daybreak. We had a bit of a Dune-style ecological theme going on except for the first game, which was somewhat Dune-adjacent as it is a mentally trippy game concept. Tobie won all games last night except for Daybreak, and that's just because it's a cooperative game. 

Today we watched the first play in Repertory Philippines' 2024 season - Betrayal. It was quite the powerful one-act drama and Tobie and I enjoyed it a lot. The only thing going against is the fact that it's so short and by the end, you're hoping for more of these talented actors. Plus the venue is really cold. 

And for our one big meal for the day was a very heart Korean experience at Tang, a Korean restaurant that I've been eyeing for some time. Because of the good Korean restaurants I've gotten to try while in Johore and many, many Netflix food documentaries, I've been on the lookout for more authentic Korean places that aren't just focused on barbecue. As much as we love Sariwon, there are so many other dishes out there and Tang looked like the kind of place that would have a lot to offer. And true enough, the food was pretty awesome and I know that Tobie and I are going to go back. It's a little pricey, but admittedly we over-ordered for just the two of us given our excitement. 

Tonight wrapped up with the walk and some turmeric tea because we've become that sort of older couple. Hope you all had a great weekend as well.