02CBD: Wheelie Saturday

Saturday - Keto Filipino Chocolate Hazelnut Cake

Funny start to the weekend.

For our Friday game night, one friend wasn't feeling well and said she wouldn't be able to make it while the other said he could only stay until midnight - which is rather early by our game night standards. That left us with only enough time for one big game, and we tackled Ark Nova with the new Marine Worlds expansion as our big venture. It was quite the game and we only finished past 01:00am, but it was definitely a lot of fun. But as things would have it, our other friend felt rested enough to join us so we sort of had a changing of game shifts as one left and another arrived. That gave us the opportunity to play Legendary Encounters: The Matrix to attempt (and beat) the third movie scenario. Then we played Tiny Epic Crimes, because she's the sort of gamer who shares our love for deduction games. 

Today is also Wheelie Day, a unique personal milestone day for us. I was hoping to find some big way to celebrate it, but one things has led to another and it looks like we're spending most of the weekend without other company. We did at least get to share a lovely cake with our gaming friends last night - a little thank-you for them being with us as the day came around. We're in the long lead-up to our 15th year of being together and today is a reminder of when we first acknowledged we were falling in love with one another for real.

Our main activity for the day was watching Dune Part Two at SM Aura IMAX. The movie was definitely a lot of fun and this particular movie franchise remains to be one of the most approachable adaptations of the books. I'm not 100% happy with some of the creative decisions made but that's the way of these adaptations. You take them as you will. Then for lunch we finally tried eating at the Paradise Dynasty at Aura and it was...okay? I was worried that it would be a bit more upscale than it actually was and now I recognize it's in the same realm of Din Tai Fung. But I think we still prefer DTF more, even if it has been quite a while since we had last eaten there.

After I finish my dailies for tonight (including this blog post) we have a pretty open schedule. We're aiming to invest the time into playing board games on our own as we couldn't get anyone to drop by this time around. I'm in then mood to make the most of our Dune-related board games because why not? It's all fitting enough for a Wheelie Day, I suppose.