02C7D: Wrapping Up

Friday - Fried Oyster Cake

Today was the last workday of 2023 and it was still a pretty busy one. I had things to clear, a last interview to conduct, and a business book that I really needed to finish before I fly home on Sunday since it was from the library. But I ended that day with my major checklist items cleared, so I will get to enjoy this weekend without lingering work guilt. That's a blessing.

Tomorrow is our last full day in Singapore. And as always, we don't exactly have big plans because our family is exciting that way. I think our most notable agenda items are an in-person family book club meeting (since we're all in the same country) and then something to celebrate my brother's birthday. The exact activity is still somewhat undetermined...or maybe I just haven't been paying attention.

I'm down to one more book left to hit my 365-title reading goal, and I'm also starting to relax on this front. My sister has quipped that the occasional eye twitching I've been experiencing in my left eye might be related to my highly aggressive reading efforts throughout this entire trip. There's probably some truth to that as it has been a weird source of stress all throughout December. This has not been my most efficient year for reading, but things did turn around in the second half of the year.

Happy weekend, everyone. Nerd out.