02C7C: Long Thursday

Thursday - More Futoru Gimbap

Today was a rather long workday, but ultimately a fulfilling one. I had a good mix of brain work and literal physical work, but it's all for a good cause. But it was also the sort of work day that I didn't have as much of an opportunity to wrack up steps throughout the day, so I had to cram just to get past my 12,000 step mininum. One more work day for the year and then we're done with 2023. 

I'm down to needing to finish 3 more books before the end of the year and I'm pretty sure I'll make it, but I'll have to push a bit. It doesn't help that I have like 5 titles in progress and a few others that can't move because the physical copies are back at the Sietch. 

Sometimes I wonder if people feel I'm being secretive of my Singapore trips or something since my social media posting drops significantly every time I'm here. This is especially true for this particular holiday trip since I haven't been exercising so that immediately kills my near-daily post-workout selfies. But these trips are always a mix of work and family - both of which are subjects that don't necessarily get a lot of "public" coverage on my social media. Plus I've here often enough to feel quite comfortable already. I can best compare it to when people visit their home province and sort of drop off social media for a bit. 

But I'll be back in Manila by Sunday night, so you can all expect more regular programming come Monday.