02C7B: Happiness Log

Wednesday - Futoru Keto Gimbap

While other people are talking about this week between Christmas and New Year being a lazy one, ours still feels pretty busy in terms of work. I lost a lot of time today to various meetings (both internal and external) but at least we still managed to celebrate Dad's birthday. We had a whole candle-blowing moment, although the nephews did most of the blowing. And then we watched the new Aquaman movie...which was a movie, I suppose. 

Fun moments for the day:

The nephews are always awake before I am, so by the time I get out of bed they're already having breakfast or getting ready for school. Today I caught them eating (sort of) and I just quietly sat beside the older one. He eventually wrapped an arm around me to give me a hug, then leaned on me, then moved his tablet so it was resting against my stomach. These are our bonding moments.

I needed to grab something quick for lunch since I had a client call coming up and was surprised to find this little Korean stall at the mall that was selling keto-friendly gimbap. They had two main types - one with egg instead of rice plus whichever protein you wanted and the other was more vegetables in a futomaki-style thing. I got one of each and both were great but were also a LOT. I'll probably order from them again this week but just get one next time - or maybe one of their combination gimbap and chicken sets for a bit more variety.

My latest order from Origames arrived tonight, which brings us up-to-date with most of their current releases. I've become a bit of fan of this Singaporean publisher given how well these games manage to not just capture Singaporean cultural nuances but also present them in a manner that other people can enjoy. Plus when you order directly from them, you're more likely to get special promo content for their different games. 

After Aquaman, I managed to get some alone time with my older nephew again. On the surface, it may not have seemed like much since he was very busy playing with clay and not going to bed. But we still had our moments where he'd tell me what new monster he had created or I could capture his attention for a bit by reading one of his books aloud. I just need to work on other ways of engaging the younger one. Definitely an assignment for myself.