02C7A: Personal Firmware Updates


Tuesday - Tapopo Grilled Fish Set Meal

It was officially a work day for us, but at least our clients weren't too fussy today (relatively speaking). It feels like a good number of them were still on leave or at least weren't 100% today, which is just as well as I didn't feel quite up to all that either. I still had a pretty productive morning and then we got to spend some time with the family while we are all still in Singapore. Today that just meant a good (albeit late) lunch and a trip to Books Kinokuniya. Weirdly enough, I was the only one who bought stuff and now I need to consider how I'll re-arrange my luggage to make sure everything fits. 

Over lunch, my mind wandered, and started to think about how some of my quirks/habits/routines have changed as part of different efforts. This includes little things like how I make sure to drink my entire glass or bottle of water whenever possible to (1) maintain an accurate count and (2) avoid instances of waiters refilling my partly consumed glass (thus ruining my count) or mixing my bottle of water with others at O Bar, and it includes larger things like how my whole oral care routine has been overhauled this year. I have finally separated brushing my teeth from gargling with mouthwash and I've stopped rinsing my mouth with water after either activity. I also try very hard not to eat or drink anything during the 30-minute window after I've done either process as we're supposed to. On top of flossing, I also have my denture care routine to deal with before I go to bed, so that has been a big change indeed.

This year I've put a lot more effort into trying to hit my Fitbit Active minutes every day, although I've been pretty terrible at it this holiday season. It's not as easy given how my workouts have shifted from being more intense to being more sustained, but I generally find a way to get by. I am still exceeding my 12,000 steps per day goal but I do wish I were better at hitting my 250 steps per hour during my active time of 10:00am to 10:00pm. It's weird when you can greatly exceed the daily step count but still fail individual 1-hour interval goals. 

While I do miss blogging on the Geeky Guide, I've also fully transitioned all of my book reviews to Goodreads for some time now. My reviews are definitely shorter than they used to be as blog articles, but I still feel good about them. And given how deeply invested I am in the Amazon ecosystem, my star ratings for books or comics now immediately sync to Goodreads, so I'm just going back in to actually write something about the book using a laptop versus trying to compose something while on my phone.

I'm still pretty weird with hundreds more little habits and practices that help me deal with everyday life in my own way. Tobie naturally gets me and does his best to accomodate my idiosyncracies and I love him even more for that. Other friends are more used to particular things, the most notable being me needing to hit my step goals during game nights - thus they're used to me getting up in-between turns to pace or march in place because those are just things that I do. You have to appreciate the people who put up with the little crazy things you do.

Thank you, everyone. Stay weird in your own way.