02C78: Christmas Update

Sunday - Mala

I'm sipping some Kopi-O while typing this blog post as I'm still quite full from Christmas dinner. We've always celebrated well before midnight and that has only gotten earlier since the nephews came into the picture. I don't really mind as it means that I have a bit more time to digest before bed and we don't have to wait too long to eat. Hence the coffee to help with the heavy feeling. 

Today was rather chill as people had different things to do and we only truly came back together for dinner preparations. I made the most of the time by reading as much as I could and I'm nicely back on track for my end-of-year reading goal. Apart from catching up on the Trials of X comics, I may just devote the rest of 2023 to reading shallower queer fiction as I've been collecting a good number of them thanks to various Kindle sales. There's like a whole subgenre of Christmas-related books that I think I can finish over the next few days. I don't expect them to be great, but some indulgent romantic fiction can be a fun guilty pleasure from time to time. 

We're playing things by ear at this point, as is the way with our family. I like to joke that we're professional staycation people since we tend to stay close to home or our hotel wherever we are in the world. And Singapore is already a second home to this particular family, so all the more we're not very adventurous. But this is not a complaint - just an acknowledgment of our particular family dynamic. And that's something to be celebrated in its own way - even if that way means just enjoying our time together without the need for some elaborate activity to push things along. 

Merry Christmas, everyone. Celebrate with love.