02C77: Saturday Rounds

Saturday - Little Farms Keto Breakfast

It was a bit of a surprise to me that I managed to exceed my daily step goal today despite not leaving the immediate area. Typically, I struggle to hit my numbers during these Singapore trips unless I make sure to jog in the morning. But my numbers are pretty good today mainly because I had to walk to meet up with the parents for various things and I had some alone time to get some Christmas shopping done. I'm pretty sure that the bulk of my steps were from going around the nearby mall as I struggled to figure out what gifts to get for my nephews. It took a number of rounds (and a quick trip back to get my passport) but I think I found pretty good stuff. 

The rest of the family remains a bit of a mystery and I may need to go super digital to cover my bases there. I think this is one of the years where we all feel least "prepared", so the natural course of action is to at least prioritize the kids. There's still tomorrow for some last-minute shopping. Maybe I'll come up with something then.

In other news, I'm pretty much caught up with the needed reading pace for my end-of-year goal and it's such a load off my shoulders. I can't quite rest yet as there's still a good amount of reading that I still need to do before the fireworks (and our flight home) come around. But at least it no longer feels overly difficult. I'll try to hit my goal earlier so I can relax and just read things at a more leisurely pace. 

Almost Christmas time, folks.