02C76: Fun Full Friday

Friday - Beauty in a Pot

First full day in Singapore was an eventful one.

I woke up with a little time with my nephews, which is always something to look forward to. The older one remembers me but mostly ignores me, as is his way. The younger one was still initially shy, but over time he warmed up and started to play with me a bit before school. I'll see if I can get more solid quality time with them this weekend...although I still need time away from them as well so I can buy their Christmas presents. LOL

Work was productive but not overly stressful. We had a shorter day because it was our Singapore office's turn to have their Christmas dinner. This coincided with our company-wide bingo game (a unique company holiday tradition), so it made for an interesting meal. Beauty in a Pot is always a great hotpot option, but I guess the staff was extra amused that we were also on a Google Meet call playing bingo. They ended up giving us a lot of free desserts at the end of the meal, which was more than welcome. 

Friday is ending with me trying to join Tobie and a few other friends for some online board games via Board Game Arena before bed. I'm still rather behind on my reading, so I'll need to try to balance things out over the course of the rest of this holiday. And there's still actual family stuff to deal with this weekend as it is Christmas after all, the main reason for this trip. 

Fun times ahead!