02C75: Arrival Update


Thursday - Bacha Coffee Changi T3

I'm in Singapore again! 

It was a rather arduous travel day mainly because of tedium rather complications, which is sort of a good thing I guess? But that's more from the perspective of things could have been a lot worse. There's just no getting around the fact that flying out of NAIA is always going to be a terrible experience and all we can do is to just try and compensate as best as we can for all the inherent inefficiencies.

Good points:

  • Ultimately, we weren't late for our flight
  • No one had major complications at Immigration
  • Our plane generally left on time and arrived a little early
  • All of our luggage made it
  • Our ride from the airport was smooth and efficient
Things that sucked:
  • It took us almost an hour to get from BGC to Terminal 3
  • It took us another hour to get through the queue at Philippine immigration
  • Not all of us were successful in getting through Singapore's automatic immigration lanes and still had to queue
Like any other Singapore trip, this is going to be both a vacation of sorts (the family is together!) but also a working trip (Singapore doesn't have as many holidays), so there's going to be a lot of fun but also a good amount of productivity. Regardless, I know it's going to be a great time together, although I still wish Tobie had been able to come with us.

Happy Holidays, folks!