02C74: ...One


Wednesday - Sayote Mix

I've been somewhat bouncing all over the place while juggling work, the upcoming trip, and making the most of my time at the Sietch before I fly out. Oh, and we even had the renewal of our lease as well. Wowzers. It's not too crazy as far as things go, but it's still a lot.

Work was pretty good. I had gotten all hyped up for a big client meeting that ended up getting canceled at the last minute. At least that gives me another week to spruce up our deck. Then we were suppose to meet our broker in the afternoon, but she also canceled at the last minute. She reassured us that'll be okay to meet in January when I get back, but we sent a photo of the checks just to be sure.

I've processed all of my travel paperwork and made sure the same is true for the rest of the family. I even tweaked my in-flight meal ahead of time just because. It's the little things!

The bonus activity for today is some last-minute board game before I go. We have a friend over and just enjoyed a great Sariwon dinner over an episode of Reacher. I should probably be packing, but playing some games (physically!) before my trip feels like a great idea. At best, I'll maybe squeeze in some Board Arena time here and there, but that would be it.

Almost time...