02C72: Monday Brain Dump

Monday - Deep Fried Tofu with Fresh Basil

I'm flying to Singapore later this week, so it feels like we're entering crunch time. It's still a full workweek and I need to think about actual trip preparations to boot. 

We didn't do a full grocery run today given my trip and holiday obligations. But today's mall run had other items included given the trip and I managed to complete 2 out of 3 items on our list today but had forgotten to add an item entirely, so mixed achievement. I will definitely be able to clear the extra item tomorrow and then will see if we can squeeze in the last one before the trip.

I'm also feeling the holiday crunch when it comes to my reading goals as I still have 21 books to go and less than half of December left. I've gotten lucky with some really fun books that just breezed by but not all books are so great. I'll probably have to read some simpler stuff to keep going and get closer to my goal maybe. I'm still banking on the upcoming holiday season to really blitz forward but that can only help so much. Plus there will be actual family activities to juggle, so that'll be tricky. 

I should be stressed before a family holiday trip but of course, I'm stressed over challenges of my own making. And weirdly enough, my brain wasn't in the right space to come up with a proper blog post today and it took forever to write even just this.

Good night, folks.