02C70: Systems Thinking

Short Reflection:
Today is the birthday of Jayson Angeles, who passed away the same year that Tobie and I got together. His death anniversary was just three days ago, which always results in me thinking about him around this same time every year. It's not so painful now, but I'll always miss him. And I try to remind myself to always celebrate his life rather than dwell upon the fact that he's gone.

Moving on.

As much as nature has a natural tendency towards entropy/chaos, one of the hallmarks of humankind is our tendency towards systems and order. We all appreciate having repeatable methodologies and practices for this - just to varying degrees of complexity and intricacy. Just think about the now-unconscious/automatic steps you go through when you do routine things like brushing your teeth. We all have our habits and routines that make the day go better.

Sometimes I run into instances when muscle memory overrides good sense and it takes me a while to course-correct. The best example as of late is me "programming" my denture routine every evening. The dentist's instructions were to allow the tooth to soak in the Polydent solution for 3-5 minutes and then to gently brush the tooth before allowing it to soak overnight. But how I do this every night has yet to be ideal. Let's go into this for no reason:

Currently, I run the water a bit so the heater turns on and I get hot water to soak the denture. Then I drop the Polydent tablet in followed by the denture. However, trying to make sure of the running water by washing my hands or my face results in wet fingers, which probably react to the Polydent tablet, which isn't ideal. And yet no matter how much I try to remind myself to drop the tablet into the container first before I start prepping the warmer water, I keep defaulting to how I've been doing it so far. And I really want to optimize this practice as it's now part of my day-to-day life for as long as I have this denture to juggle.

In other cases, I sometimes wonder if I do certain things more out of habit than necessity. A good example of this is how I typically have two mugs of coffee every day, which makes more sense during weekdays. On the weekend when we tend to wake up later, still going for that second mug later in the day doesn't always make all that much sense...and yet I keep doing it because I "always" have at least two mugs of coffee a day. It's certainly comforting and I honestly love coffee, but there's also the worry that I probably should go for more if I don't "need" it - assuming we limit coffee to its core function as a dose of caffeine in our diet.

I don't quite overthink things like this, but I recognize that I probably think about them more than most and that's just how I operate.