02C6F: Weekend Kickoff

Friday - Giniling and Sayote

So I didn't get to finish reading Bad Luck and Trouble before we got started on the episodes of Reacher's second season because I was just too excited. The show still follows the books for the most part, which is always exciting. But knowing the differences between the book and the show adds a whole other layer of entertainment for me. Only the first three episodes are out for now, which is great. But from here on there will only be one new episode per week, which kinda sucks. 

At least I'm enjoying both the book and the show and that's good all around. And I'm almost done!

Tonight we have a quick game night, which I totally need since it has been super busy this week. What has been most draining this week are all the interviews I've had to conduct because our current process is pretty thorough. I've been the main implementer of this particular change in our recruitment methodology in recent months, so I only have myself to "blame". But I'd like to think it's paying off - or at least it will in the longer term.

Tomorrow we'll be celebrating the 18th anniversary of O Bar and that's going to be an epic night. Then Sunday we'll have our last RPG session for this year, and it'll be for our Horror on the Orient Express campaign. It's a pretty decent weekend schedule. All this before the workweek starts up again.